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Our “Egyptian tours” are designed to entice you into extraordinary adventures as you explore the depths of the Red Sea alongside our team of explorers from the Egyptian Tours company, which is located in Hurghada, Egypt.


We offer a wide range of unforgettable experiences, from relaxing on the white sands of the Red Sea beaches to enjoying our snorkeling trips leading to diving into the crystal clear tranquil waters and exploring our breathtaking coral reefs and aqua marine life.


Established in 2019, our company consists of a new modern team inspired by the vision of opening the doors to the underwater world. We have worked hard to establish this innovative company and now we have more than three locations ready, along with all the equipment and expertise required to provide the highest quality services for our customers.


“Egyptian tours”, our fully equipped aqua centers are designed to help you choose the most appealing adventure from our range of excursions.  YOU can choose from:


Day boat trip which includes fantastic snorkeling experience along our coral reefs, watching dolphins and exploring our vast coral and marine life at ideal snorkeling and diving locations.


Private boat hire is available if you are seeking  peace and tranquility, so you can explore the Red Sea from its depths to the view of the sun sparkling on the water’s surface.  You will have a crew to assist with all your requirements.


Let’s go for a “Super Safari” trip in Hurghada and explore the desert, riding a desert buggy and attending the craziest party in the safari along with other adventures.


Enjoy an unforgettable day trip to Luxor – the largest outdoor museum, where you will find the ancient ruins of Thebes and the impressive Valley of the Kings. During the excursion, you can visit the temples of Queen Hatshepsut and Karnak Temple where you will discover famous historical treasures.


Cross the Egyptian desert to view the main monuments of Cairo’s Old Town and the Giza Plateau. You can learn about mummification of the pharaohs at the Egyptian Museum and you can marvel at the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.


We work hard to refine the art of our water excursions, and our staff are trained to create a comfortable environment for you while providing the safest experience.


“Egyptian tours” is associated with a number of organizations based around the Red Sea to ensure that our company remains up to date with all environmental regulations. We have also established a great working relationship with many different hotels.


Our company and our valued team of explorers all respect the sea, and we take environmental laws very seriously; we hope that you will also respect these laws. To ensure your safety along with the safety of our aqua marine life, we kindly request you to adhere to the following guidelines when visiting the Red Sea.


Environmental laws information:

  1. Hunting, fishing, collecting shells or destroying our precious corals are all prohibited.
  2. It is prohibited to throw anything into the sea, including oils, grease, etc.
  3. It is prohibited to use a boat or anchors in protected areas of the Red Sea.
  4. Feeding fish and birds is forbidden.
  5. Walking on corals is not permitted.

Anyone found breaking these laws will be fined 10.000LE on your first violation.

For a second violation, you will be fined 20.000LE and imprisonment.

The captain and the snorkeling guide will also be suspended from working in the Red Sea, and the boat will not be permitted to leave the port for an established amount of time.

Please respect our laws as much as we do.

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